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What is cupping? Effects and harms

Cupping also known as “cupping” and “the suction tube therapy”, also called “angle method.” This is a kind of jar as a tool by which the heat exhaust air to generate a negative pressure, so suck in the skin, resulting in a therapy blood pooling phenomena. Ancient physicians in the treatment of sore abscess drainage and use it to suck blood, and later to extend them to tuberculosis, rheumatism and other internal diseases. After the founding of the PRC, due to the continuous improvement of methods to make cupping therapy has a new development, further expand the range of treatment, acupuncture treatment has become an important therapy. Moxibustion is on the surface a certain point by burning grass cone moxibustion or moxibustion grass strips, smoked ironing a therapy treatment and prevention. Moxibustion has a warm meridians, qi and blood, conditioning voxel, enhance the resistance to disease prevention function. Abroad ancient Greece, ancient Rome had also prevailed cupping therapy.usd by some Rio Olympics Athlete these days.

What is the function of cupping?

Such therapy can be by cold dampness, dredge the meridians, dispel stasis, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain, diarrhea Sida heat, having to adjust the body’s yin and yang balance, relieve fatigue, enhance physical function, so as to uphold, cure the purpose of the disease. Therefore, many diseases can be treated using cupping therapy. For example: middle-aged people, aching pain common, according to the interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine mostly rheumatism Life. When cupping Guankou cover the affected area, it can slowly suck out moisture lesions, as well as promote local blood circulation, relieve pain and restore function of the object, thereby treating rheumatism “Bitong” bones sorrow and grief and discomfort.
Because cupping can do qi and blood circulation, expelling wind and cold, swelling and pain, so the lower back muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation have a therapeutic Effects. Diao teacher also introduced, cupping can also be used on the body acupuncture points, treatment of headache, dizziness, faces badly bruised, coughing, wheezing, abdominal pain and other illnesses, it can be more than just cupping simultaneous implementation.



How it works and warning

It is one kind of treatment methods by means of thermal exclude air tank, making use of negative pressure to suck the skin, causing bleeding phenomenon
Experts advise: Since it is a professional treatment, cupping certainly not simple, if the just-do on their own at home, cupping, likely to cause dangerous, life and unexpected event occurs when there is no lack cupping

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