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what is art paper in printing and packaging industry

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Coated paper is coated with white paper made of high-grade printing paper. Mainly used for the printing of paper box and magazines cover and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of fine goods advertising, samples, packaging, trademarks and so on.

coatd paper named as art paper as well in the printing and packaging paper most ued for paper packaging box mouning paper always with 157gsm.and paper box sleeves,paper box holder inside.price hang tags ,paper bags for shopping

Coated paper is characterized by very smooth and smooth paper, high smoothness, good gloss. Because the paint used by the whiteness of 90% or more, and very fine particles, but also through the super calendar calendering, so the smoothness of coated paper is generally 600 ~ 1000s. At the same time, the coating is very evenly distributed on the paper and showing pleasing to the eye of the white. Coated paper requirements of the coating is thin and uniform, no bubbles, the amount of adhesive in the coating appropriate to prevent the paper during the printing process of powder linting, in addition, the absorption of para-xylene to the appropriate paper.

Coated paper is the name of the mainland, Hong Kong called the pink paper, the printing industry is one of the more used paper. In Hong Kong for this paper name, is almost well known. But in the Mainland are not many known, why? Gein lack of communication between each other carry on.



Pink paper, formerly known as Art Paper, it is an exotic common name. This paper is in the mid-19th century, first developed by the British out of a coated processing paper. The white and fine porcelain clay and other reconciled into the paint, evenly wipe the surface of the base paper (coated side or double), they made a high-level printing paper. Because the process is like the face of women to powder-like, so they call for the powder paper.


In fact, Art Paper in the 1930s had translated art paper (literal translation). Because the original in Europe to take this kind of paper to the printing of fine paintings, the use of copper plating is corrosion plate. Therefore, according to the naming convention, the art paper used for copperplate printing is called copperplate (printing) paper. In the Chinese mainland printing, paper industry colleagues, have Art Paper called coated paper, rather than pink paper.


art paper is popular for garments accesspry market.die cut into custom shaped and thickness in gsm as needed.custom paper hang tag in fancy paper,kraft paperboard material as well.

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