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Color error destroy a brand

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No packaging for products is like people who wear no clothes, red fruit exposure in front of people, which not only makes consumers feel spicy eyes, is not conducive to product preservation, so most of the products need to put on the packaging of this coat , Which gives the packaging plant has brought a lot of orders.Color error destroy a brand. In terms of packaging, business requirements is beautiful, but not all of the packaging plant can be perfect. On the packaging of the color printing, if the color in the sample with very different, then the paper packaging box printing factory will be very frightening problem. According to their degree of difference will have two kinds of results directly, the first all rework, or lower prices, can be two kinds of packaging printing manufacturers will bring huge economic losses. People rely on clothes not only by the aesthetic value of the product saddle discount, but also led to the product was expected to decrease.

Poor packaging customization will cause huge losses to the paper packaging box & paper bag business, but also to the custom packaging manufacturers cause adverse effects, loss of customer trust, loss of industry recognition, resulting in damage to their own image of the manufacturers in the industry Difficult to get development. But some color error is within a reasonable range, we call a reasonable error, are:


The first 

     There is a certain degree of inconsistency in the internal and external color of the same printed matter. The first difference is also an objective problem, and the printing machinery itself has been difficult to solve. Printing machine in the printing process, the ink on the ink is a dynamic balance in the process of paper packaging box printing, when the ink on the ink roller to a certain extent, the printing machine will automatically ink to compensate. And here to a certain extent will lead directly to a group of printing live parts of the front printing of the finished product and final surface printing of the finished product color deviation.


The second

     Is printed and proofing the color deviation; that is, we usually say that the printing can not keep up with proofing, the reasons such as ink, paper problems, network restore problem. For this difference, the printing staff should try to sample, if the difference is great, it should promptly notify the customer, personally signed by the customer

The third

     Is printed in the printed product color and physical color itself is biased. The third difference is in fact a matter of psychological expectation. As for some customers that the finished product and its color is not exactly the same color that is detrimental to the paper packaging box company's image, and even affect the company orders, and custom packaging manufacturers think that the color deviation is acceptable. For this situation, it should be said that this bias is an objective reality, and can not be entirely attributed to the responsibility of custom packaging cardboard box manufacturers. This is the objective existence of the manufacturers can only minimize the error, but can not be completely avoided.


     In the packaging process of printing accurately, the finished product is not the color of proof and proofing exactly the same, proofing is to find the standard reference. Packaging manufacturers should be printed with the following one: The color in this print only for reference, the color prevail in kind, so as to avoid unnecessary controversy.

     Guangzhou Junye Packaging Co.,Ltd. dedicated to all customers to provide the best service, the intentions of the production of each of a paper packaging box, paper bags, tag, etc., packaging and pay attention to communication between customers, so customers have not received these chromatic aberration And complaints, and today small series will carry out the issue of color is also in order to share with their peers, so that customers be assured.

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