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What about the composition of the box?

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The design of the packaging box and ultimately composition, then how to compose it? What skills? Xiao Bian for you to explain.

(1) Comparison of the thickness of the cardboard box composition techniques. The so-called thickness of the contrast, refers to the process used in the composition of the color and color composition of the pattern formed by a style. In the works of calligraphy and painting in the brushwork and freehand, or brushwork and freehand at the same time in a picture, this style in the packaging composition is also some of the often used performance techniques. The thickness of the contrast can be: the main pattern and foil pattern contrast, the central pattern and background patterns contrast, some side of the rough, such as sweeping, while the other side is fine fine if the hairspring, and some cursive calligraphy to replace the pattern. 

papckaging box pattern

(2) packaging box composition skills comparison. In the composition of Chinese painting landscape painting, very close attention to King King King vision, and in the packaging design, with the same principle should also be near the center of several pictures of the composition level. The so-called near, is a picture of the most eye-catching that part of the pattern, also known as the first visual impact, the most eye-catching pattern is the packaging design to express the most important content, this obvious sense of hierarchy is also called visual Three-step rule, which takes into account the people looking at a still life picture from top to bottom, from right to left at the same time, followed by highlighting the most want to express the theme part. As a packaging designer, at the beginning of the creation of the screen, we must first understand the subject of the request, to create a public star on the month, stand out the atmosphere of the flock, so that the design of the screen, such as powerful magnetic force, tightly to the consumer's attention pull over.

(3) packing box composition skills of the dense contrast. Custom gift box composition techniques of dense contrast, and the use of color contrast is very similar, and also in the painting of the flying white has the same purpose, that is, the pattern of the concentration of the place must have a foil, should not be concentrated or spread , But to reflect a dense coordination, rhythm clear, there is a feeling of relaxation, showing ethereal, while losing the theme prominent. At present, many pesticide product packaging design, the entire picture dense, colorful, from the background pattern to the theme of the pattern is full of heavy color performance, people feel the pressure and breathless, so not only not achieve landscaping products, Promote the purpose of sales, but easy to make people feel tired.

(4) packaging box composition techniques of static and dynamic contrast. In a pattern, we tend to find this phenomenon, that is, in the packaging of the subject name of the background or the surrounding show of explosive patterns or fancy, but in fact is deliberately painted a few crazy thick lines, or streamers Shaped English or pattern, all show a "dynamic" feeling, and the subject name is dignified and stable, the background is light and quiet, this scene is static and dynamic contrast. This contrast, to avoid the fancy and quiet too rigid, so the visual effect is more comfortable, more in line with people's normal aesthetic psychology. 

(5) cartoon composition techniques in the contrast between the West. This contrast is often used in the packaging design picture using the Western cartoon cartoon method and the combination of Chinese traditional techniques or Chinese sinology art and English combination.

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