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How do I design a brand packaging logo?

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First of all, that is, we do not forget the logo design of the most true functionality. The actual is to promote the brand, so that people remember, the brand has a good impression and trigger consumption impulse. So logo design is bound to follow the psychology of consumers. Give us a simple example, when we look at more than a decade ago album, you will be surprised at their own appearance and dress, most people will be feeling, the original has also been non-mainstream, kill Matt, Especially 80,90 after they must feel very deep. This seems to be a joke, but really a real reaction to our contemporary aesthetic psychological changes, has spent the exaggerated era, now people are more hope that the intuitive, simple, clear, especially as a brand packaging boxes logo, If the viewer can not see the first time to do what they are doing or want to express the basic idea, that is the failure of the design. Therefore, in 2017, the logo design continues to be simpler and will be more prominent.

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Second, we should put the logo anthropomorphic, so you can understand why a lot of logo will be thin. Is now a pursuit of thin for the United States of the times, this one at least applies to the concept of not most people, as if women often say that thin wear what are good, a thin cover hundred ugly, logo design is no exception, Many well-known brands have chosen logo design slimming, line painting, brush strokes are more rounded. This change, making the logo or that is the brand, in front of us more like an abstract figure beautiful handsome beauty, visual experience is there will be potential plus points.

Paper bag text logo design will increasingly occupy the mainstream. Why do you say that engaged in the design industry for many years, deep experience. Presumably now the most popular is the registered trademark and domain name, we will respond to registration difficult, basic good name or common graphics are registered. Yes, this is one of the advantages of the font logo design, because the trademark registration process, if the graphics are registered, even if the name is passed, once the graphics are not over, will fight back. So the practical sense, the text logo will not be more such trouble. Second, if we often use the font font design, there will be infringement of the suspect or risk, because many fonts are prohibited commercial, then the text logo is almost all the original design of the font, and to avoid such a risk. Moreover, looking around, we are basically around the big brands have become a text logo, Taobao, Lenovo, Samsung, Suning, etc., too numerous to mention. Because the font logo design is very intuitive, easy to remember and promote.

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