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Paper box coated paper introduction

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Paper box coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, English for art paper, in Hong Kong and other regions called powder paper. It is a high-grade printing paper made of white paper coated with base paper. Mainly used for printing high school cover and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of fine merchandise advertising, samples, merchandise packaging box, trademarks and so on. Coated paper for the flat paper, size 787 × 1092mm, 880 × 1230mm, quantitative 70 ~ 250g / m.


Coated paper with single coated paper, double sided coated paper. According to the quality is divided into A, B, C three.

Box coated paper

Single copper paper surface bright, uniform coating, ink quickly with good printability, suitable for exquisite color printing. For the purpose of fine printing, the surface of the base paper to paint processing, and by the super calendar calendering the general coated paper.


   Double copper paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided coated coated paper, according to the Japanese paper classification standards for each side of the coating amount of about 10g / m2 above, for the current cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding industry and industry most commonly used One of the paper.


   Ordinary coated paper in the coating after the paint and then through the super calendar calendering, surface smoothness, good gloss. High surface strength. High tensile strength, smooth print when the network, good reproducibility, image clarity, colorful. Commercial printing is often used to print color ads. Album and packaging paper bags and so on.


The main raw material for coated paper is copperplate paper and paint. Copper plate on the requirements of the thickness of uniform, scalability, high strength, good water resistance. Paper is not allowed to have spots, wrinkles, holes and other paper disease, used to coat the coating is made of high quality white pigments (such as kaolin, barium sulfate, etc.), adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) and auxiliary additives of. This high-fluid, high-solids coating is spread on the base paper by a coating machine and then uniformly dried, rolled into a roll on a reel, and sent to a super-calender for calendering Finishing, final cutting, picking paper, packing.


 Coated paper is characterized by very smooth and smooth paper, smooth, high gloss. Because the paint used by the brightness of more than 90%, and the particles are very fine, and after the super calendar calendering, so the smoothness of coated paper is generally 600 ~ 1000s. At the same time, the paint is very evenly distributed on paper and show pleasing white. The requirements for coated paper is thin and uniform coating, no bubbles, the amount of adhesive in the paint appropriate to prevent the printing process of paper powder off hair, in addition, the coated paper p-xylene absorption should be appropriate.

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