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Cosmetic packaging design requirements

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Successful Cosmetic packaging design not only through the shape, color, pattern, material use caused by consumer attention and interest in the product, but also to enable consumers to accurately understand the product through packaging. Because people buy the purpose is not packaging box, but the packaging of the product. Accurate delivery of product information is the most effective way to truly convey the product image, you can use the whole transparent packaging, you can window in the packaging container display products, packaging products can be drawn on the graphics, packaging can be done on the simple text, You can print on the packaging of color products such as photos and so on.

Cosmetic packaging design

Cosmetic packaging design should be the introduction of cultural awareness into the design of ideas, the culture as the design of the soul. Finally, the paper puts forward the positioning strategy of packaging design innovation. That is to grasp the orientation of consumer culture, attention to the establishment of brand culture, the correct treatment of national culture and foreign culture, into the green cultural concept. To a variety of related elements of the connection creation, and strive to play the greatest resonance of the viewer. On the basis of creative research to be a lot of research, so that the design in the application of a higher order. Better use of the importance of creativity and the role of the design, the design process of the use of different elements of the advantages of creative combination.


Cosmetics packaging color is also very important to use, color in the packaging design elements of the strongest performance, color association in the design of the role played by the special, when we see a color, it will certainly be related to The spirit, meaning, meaning, form, etc. have a more systematic connection, this phenomenon is the "color of the association", which is a human creative thinking ability.


  Packaging box factory production of cosmetics packaging color association with the personality, gender, lifestyle, psychological conditions and living environment, nation, age, education and other closely linked, and with the changes in the times and fashion changes. The color of Lenovo scientific and rational application in the packaging design, so that color design close to life, more tend to modern environmentally friendly, natural design direction, which is the color requirements. Color can make the emphasis on the theme of the image more prominent, so easy to attract attention, target clear, able to attract people's attention. The ultimate goal of layout design is to make the layout clear and rational, with pleasing to the organization to better highlight the theme, to achieve the best results. It helps the viewer to pay attention to the design, enhance the understanding of the content, enhance the design of the appeal and the form of beauty.

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