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Customize the cosmetic box how to choose the color

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Now the society, the cosmetics is a mass consumer goods, a lot of cosmetics counter, not only can see female consumers, men also joined the ranks of the purchase of cosmetics, with the growing demand for cosmetics, competition is more intense. In a variety of dazzling cosmetics, with bright colors, beautiful shape presented in front of us has become an important factor in custom cosmetics packaging, because the design of the packaging color design directly affect the characteristics of the product and attract customers eye.

how to choose the cosmetic box color

Cosmetics manufacturers to find our packaging manufacturers custom cosmetics packaging materials, we will be based on customer requirements and product positioning, the proposed design to the customer cosmetics box color.


Shrink pores of the effect of cosmetics, custom cosmetics packaging materials can choose when the white, blue and purple design. White and beautiful fresh to give a clean and refreshing feeling, you can let women feel that the use of this product, you can become thick and thick greasy face becomes clean and refreshing. Blue and purple mysterious easy to let women feel the use of this product can achieve their dream of narrowing the pores.


Such as Ya Yang series of products using white and blue design, Biotherm shrink pores series of products using the white plus purple design.


Light spot to scar effect of cosmetics, in the design of the time you can choose brown, brown is a more moderate color, not publicity, brown can also give people a drug component of the association, so that consumers can feel like a magic used Medicine, can remove facial freckles scars.


Sensitive skin cosmetics, custom cosmetics in the packaging materials can be used when the blue packaging design, blue is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water. Such as Clinique this anti-allergic series of cosmetics package material using blue packaging design, people feel the use of this product with the back of the face will not appear redness.


In the custom cosmetics package material, the color has a special, complex, magical power, it can stimulate and guide consumers to an involuntary consumer activities, custom cosmetics package material free design, the use of fine materials, according to customer requirements Customized value-added cosmetic box, service hotline: 020-66677799.

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