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Illustrator in the packaging design of the four main performance techniques

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Illustration is an art form, as an important visual communication form of modern design, with its intuitive image, real sense of life and beauty of the appeal, in the modern design occupies a specific position. Has been widely used in many areas of modern design, involving cultural activities, social and public utilities, commercial activities, film and television culture and so on.

In fact, illustrations in the packaging design has always been a very important position, a character of the illustrations used in the packaging design, the packaging design is completed half of the personality shaping. Here we analyze the performance of several illustrations:

illustrations in the packaging design

1, engraving performance techniques Print design performance is more of the pursuit of nature, the pursuit of the original style. So its performance is mainly the use of print design to reflect its brand culture, so that products return to nature, from the pollution, advocate the concept of green food.

2, sketch expression techniques Sketch performance using fashion graffiti, beautiful lines, brisk color, the design process, we need to clear our product positioning, and then according to the properties of the product to design our illustrator style.

3, brushwork performance techniques The use of: the imagery of the brushwork, showing a very strong sense of art, a see that this is a very cultural, very content of the product, fine strokes are delicate, delicate, the spirit of craftsmen , More able to show the quality of the product.

4, sketch performance techniques Sketch performance using realistic sketch performance techniques: screen performance rigorous, may lack a little impact, but the picture of the sense of harmony and design sense is not very small, more easy-going expression of a way. But in order to break this sense of ease, so that the screen more visual tension, then in the creative process, you can do conceptual creation, do some exaggerated performance techniques.

Illustrated design packaging is not only in the sale of the product itself, in addition to highlight and reflect the product's visual and content information, the brand culture and product production company's entrepreneurial spirit and brand soul has an unparalleled cast force.

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