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Consumers on the packaging of common psychological

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According to the survey results of the Chinese Social Investigation Office (SSIC) in recent years aimed at people's consumption psychology, the general psychological characteristics of consumption can be summarized as follows:

1, realistic psychological

Most consumers in the consumption process of the main consumer psychological characteristics is realistic, that the practical effect of the most important commodity, hope that the use of goods easy, cheap, not deliberately pursue the appearance of the beautiful and fashionable style. Consumers who hold a realistic mind are mainly mature consumers, working class, housewives, and elderly consumer groups.

packaging of common psychological

2, seeking the United States psychological

The economy has a certain capacity of consumers generally exist for the United States psychological, pay attention to the shape of their own goods and external packaging boxes, pay more attention to the artistic value of goods. The consumer groups that hold the American psychology are mainly young people and intellectuals, and the proportion of women in such groups is as high as 75.3%. In the product category, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and gifts of packaging need to pay more attention to the performance of aesthetic values ​​of psychological performance.


3, seeking different psychological

Holding different psychological groups of consumers is mainly under the age of 35 young people. Such consumer groups that commodity and packaging style is extremely important, pay attention to novel, unique, personality, that is, packaging design, color, graphics and other aspects of more fashionable, more avant-garde, and for the use of goods and the price level is not very care. In this consumer group, the juvenile children occupy a considerable proportion, for them sometimes the product packaging is more important than the product itself. For these groups can not be ignored consumer groups, the packaging design should highlight the "novelty" features to meet their psychological needs.


4, herd mentality

Herd consumers are willing to meet the popular style or follow the example of celebrity style, such groups of consumers age span of the larger, because the various media on the fashion and celebrity advocacy to promote the formation of this psychological behavior. To this end, the packaging design should grasp the trend of popular, or directly launched by consumers like the product image spokesperson, improve the reliability of goods.


5, seeking mentality

No matter what kind of consumer groups have a certain psychological, attention to the brand of goods, well-known brands have a sense of trust and loyalty. In the case of economic conditions permit, even regardless of the high price of the goods and insisted on subscription. Therefore, the packaging design to establish a good brand image is the key to product sales success.

In short, the psychology of consumers is complex, and rarely maintain a long-term orientation, in most cases it is possible to integrate two or more psychological requirements. The pursuit of psychological diversity to promote the product packaging presents the same diversity of design style.

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