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How to handle the printing bag after the film

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Typically, the bag printing method is the use of two-way stretch polypropylene film, coated products will appear after the phenomenon of blinking or blistering. How should these problems be dealt with?


First check if the pressure of the laminator is insufficient. According to the needs of customers, the thickness of paper bag is not consistent. In the film should be based on the thickness of the substrate to adjust the thickness of the silicone roller and steel drum pressure. If the pressure is too small, film film is not strong, not bright, easy to produce wrinkles; pressure is too large, will produce wrinkles and paper deformation, thus affecting the quality of paper handbag printing.


Second, to control the temperature of the laminating machine in the appropriate range. For the different substrates for film, the temperature of the electric heating steel drum must be adjusted according to the product covered. If the film is gold cardboard, coated steel drum temperature should be controlled at 70-80 ℃; the case of white paperboard, the temperature should be transferred to 80-90 ℃. If the film temperature adjustment is too high, the bag printing will blister. So in the film must be based on product characteristics to control the temperature of the heating steel drum.


There is also to control the amount of plastic film machine. The amount of glue is controlled by a steel roller mounted on a steel roll by a rotating steel roller mounted in a plastic box which is coated on a moving film by means of a rotating tape. Pressure light plastic volume; pressure heavy glue small. The amount of glue to master the number, both to cover evenly, and can not produce crystal points. If the amount of plastic is too large, covered with the product will be no luster. Adhesive process in particular to note that it is necessary to prevent the solidification of micro-particles and foreign matter retained in the plastic plate.


Finally, keep the roller of the laminator clean. After a long period of pressure, steel roller and membrane in direct contact, coupled with the role of temperature, steel drum will be left on some residue in the above. Silicone drum directly and the cover of the product side of the paper contact, coupled with the separation of paper spacing, a lot of glue directly to the rubber roller on the accumulation, which will affect the brightness of the product covered. Therefore, we must keep the drum clean, at any time to stop cleaning, to ensure that the quality of handbag printing is not discounted.

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