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Evian play the pattern of packaging, in Paris to teach the breath of Paris

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From July 31 to the end of October, Evian Japan will launch a second bottle of design with My Little Box. This theme is "Paris holiday".


Evian and play the pattern of packaging

My Little Box is a design brand, by the Paris fashion website My Little Paris and travel Japanese illustrator Jia Naizi co-operation, specifically to women selling small gift boxes. The concept of a small gift box similar to the "surprise blessing bag", which will be loaded with some cosmetics and other items, but before you open the box you do not know what in the end what baby.


But this time the gift box, of course, we know that is installed inside the Evian mineral water.


There are six illustrations in the bottle, depicting the different ways of life in Paris: chatting on the terrace, picnic, shopping, while enjoying the Eiffel Tower drinking water ... ... all the scenes of people, are in a resting state. Bottle capacity 330ML, 500ML and 1.5L specifications optional, only in Japan limited sale.


August 4 to 5, Evian still in Tokyo Omotesando opened a flash shop, to provide fruit tea bar, and the limited products and the surrounding sale.


In addition, people from the bottle can also find a production of the same style picture illustrator tool site My liitle icon maker, in the above, you can freely choose the background, facial features, hairstyles, clothing, synthesis of more than 100 million kinds of permutations and combinations, called A Paris-style avatar library.


Evian often with a variety of designers, fashion brands jointly launched the design of the bottle, compared to the quality of publicity water, the article in the bottle is clearly easier to pay for people. From Elie Saab, Kenzo, Alexander Wang to Christian Lacroix, the ordinary water bottle has been given a number of fashion and luxury aura.


Evian  play the pattern of packaging

In Japan, Evian was authorized to sell exclusively by Ito Park Co., Ltd. and took over all the related businesses, including the expansion of the Japanese market. In 2016 Evian also co-marketing with My Little Box, the same is to take the Paris style line. This series in 2016 in Japan when the sale was highly acclaimed, in particular, attracted a large number of Japanese girls, "lovely bottle people can not resist", "imagine yourself like a girl on the bottle to enjoy life."


For a high-end water, and artists, illustrators, in the end is an essential routine.

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