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Silver card paper technology often encounter the phenomenon and solutions

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Silver cardboard paper is a special kind of paper, some business customers in order to enhance the packaging box grade, showing the value of the brand, will use more high-grade silver cardboard as the main packaging materials. However, packaging factory in the production of silver printing paper need to pay attention to what issues?

Silver card paper box

Need to pay attention to silver card paper ink adhesion problem.


First of all, depends on your gold and silver cardboard surface has done corona treatment, that is, electrostatic treatment. If the instrument is not tested for this item, it may be required by the supplier to provide this effect on the surface tension of the substrate. Because only the appropriate surface tension value is a good prerequisite for ink adhesion.


Second, the ink curing strength is enough, the color of the ink because of the light absorption is better, so if the color of the dark print content, remember that can not open too fast, the ink is not fully cured, then affect the effect of ink attachment.


Please consult your ink supplier. Because you do not know how the quality of your ink, so you want to consult with your ink suppliers, you can ask them to increase the amount of adhesion in the ink to increase some, or add a special promotion of curing chemicals, so as to promote Physical curing effect, the specific name I do not know, only know that he is to promote the curing just fine.


Make sure your UV lamp is still under effective power. Normal domestic UV lamp life of about 600 hours of equal power, after the care should be. Small Japanese probably better can reach 1000 ~ 1200 hours.


If it is varnish spray type gold and silver card, there is no basic problem of ink attached to the bad, and even directly to the ink to the more real, but because of this cardboard production and inventory costs, few factories are willing to use (smoke Bag / wine package and other high-end products, except), so now most of the use of gold and silver cardboard for some of the film as the medium of the day after the composite material, like the coating process, how many complex number. In addition, the electrostatic treatment is not in addition to static electricity, but to stimulate the surface activity of this material, so as to better ink to play a foundation, especially has been stored for some time material.

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