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How to choose a cosmetic box

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With the rapid economic development, cosmetics, fashion consumer goods has gradually become the mainstream products in people's lives. In the dazzling array of cosmetics consumer market, the unique packaging box is to attract consumers to buy goods one of the main reasons, the packaging of cosmetics is a very convincing salesman. So how do we recommend customers to cosmetic packaging?

cosmetic box

What kind of box for you?

Done a variety of packaging, packaging for different products have their own views. When the customer asked the cosmetics packaging, the first to determine the customer's products and value. If the customer products only sell 20-40 dollars, the proposed 3-4 US dollars seems to be not recognized. This time you can consider the thin materials of paper, of course, mainly used for transport pit box is also possible. As long as the design is unique, the packaging will be fine.


For cosmetics worth more than $ 100 package, you can boldly recommend. Thick paper is the primary condition, this time we can recommend some unique packaging. Heaven and earth box is an ordinary box type, of course, coupled with the perfect design and technology, will make people yearning. According to customer requirements, book box, green kraft paper box, drawer box, display box can be a good choice.


2. Cosmetics do not look so messy


If your cosmetics are bottled, may wish to consider making a high-end eva or sponge care. Each cosmetic has its own position, it seems orderly. The price is not so outrageous.

Of course, if you choose a affordable shipping box. Taking into account the safe transport of products, Rafi grass and copy paper is a good choice. Perhaps the product is not so patchwork, but the appropriate display also let him look do not have charm.

Whether it is care or Rafi grass, copy paper, this time you can choose according to their preferences your favorite color.


3. About design and craftsmanship


 For their own brand of cosmetic packaging, logo is to let customers know your best way. In order to make logo look unique, we generally recommend the different characteristics of the customer logo based on the process. Bronzing is our more commonly used process, gold, silver, rose gold and so you choose. Of course, in addition to bronzing, we have UV, hit convex, etc. highlight the logo.


If your product is cosmetic, if you just need the box's advice. Maybe we can give you the right idea. More or less, when you design the packaging will give you a lot of help.

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