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Custom Design and Technology of Mid - Autumn Moon Box

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Distance 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival is getting closer, some hotels and moon cake manufacturers are busy looking for Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift packaging manufacturers. Often have customers asked Jun industry packaging customer service is currently more commonly used in the moon cake boxes those. Junye industry packaging to share with you 2017 Mid-Autumn moon cake box custom commonly used in several processes:

Mid - Autumn Moon Box

Moon cake box coating process: generally divided into bright film, matt film two. Printed packaging paper coating process as a protective and decorative box surface of a process, in the moon cake box process has also been widely used. Gift box after the film surface is more smooth, bright, stain, water, wear, the hotel moon cake box surface color is more eye-catching, easy to be damaged, packaging box wear resistance, folding resistance, tensile and moisture Sex has been greatly enhanced to enhance and beautify the appearance of the moon cake packaging surface effect.


Moon cake gift box UV process: used in the moon cake box industry in the ordinary offset paper surface or BOPP dumb film, the use of screen printing process, so that matte or bright surface to form a strong contrast, the need to emphasize the hardcover picture and text To the finishing touch of the effect: can be made of local UV, crystal Braille, colorful and so on. By adjusting the film ~ texture, you can make a variety of effects in the moon cake gift box paper, to beautify the moon cake gift packaging play the crowning touch.


Moon cake gift foil foil process: Dian Hualv hot stamping foil is mainly used to heat and pressure approach, the pattern or text to the hot stamping to the surface of the gift box. Printing gift box gold foil features: clear pattern, beautiful, colorful variety of eye-catching, in the moon cake box packaging bronzing, can play a prominent gift design theme of the role of landscaping products.


Moon cake carton from the convex process: the main method is to use pressure, the pattern transfer pressure to the moon cake carton surface. Through the convex process to produce relief effect, Mid-Autumn moon cake carton packaging more beautiful theme more vivid, feel richer.

Mid-Autumn moon cake box die-cutting indentation process: is the most commonly used packaging printing a process, is to use a die cutter according to the design requirements of the moon cake box mold cut into the required shape or cut the molding process, the gift box packaging more Express the meaning of reunion.

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