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Paper Handbag printing design advocating simple wind

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Paper handbag packaging not only for shoppers to provide convenience, you can also take the opportunity to re-sell products or brands. Beautifully designed paper bags will be put it down, even if the bag printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to re-use, this bag has become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising carrier. Therefore, now bag printing business is very prosperous, many manufacturers flocked to.

paper handbag printing design

And to make customer satisfaction, the key to the printing bag is the design and technology. The purpose of the bag printing design is to pursue the rationality of the function of the portable goods, and to convey the information of the goods or to show a corporate image or show a culture of personality. For the design requirements of the custom paper bag should be simple, mention strong, relatively low cost, the design of the design should be the pursuit of novel, simple, free, avant-garde concept, while playing promotional, dissemination, display the various functions.


Taking into account the appearance of the general requirements of the bag is simple and generous, so the bag printing design process is generally the company's logo and company name, or with the company's business philosophy, should not be designed to be too complex to deepen the consumer to the company Or the impression of the product, get a good publicity effect, the bag design printing to expand sales, establish brand names, to stimulate the purchase to enhance the competitiveness of a great role.


As for the bag printing process, now the mainstream is the two pieces of heavy kraft paper with a hot sol fixed cotton rope, and then fixed on the paper bag kraft paper, shopping bags to mention the "vertical" and no punch, no Protruding knot. Do not get off the loose is the use of "hot sol" to automatic bag machine, sticking the various parts of shopping bags, forming a tight structure. Today, many handbag printing plants are using this technology.

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