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Mistakes of cosmetic paper bags can avoid easy to forget in the custom process

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Mistakes of cosmetic paper bags can avoid easy to forget  in the custom process

Just introduced a custom cosmetic paper bag, if the designer to get a big fancy handbag design, then the film covers an area of ?? very large, will lead to the film and the paper is too small to contact the surface can not be completely solid The combination of all, there will be shedding phenomenon, but in practice the workshop for cosmetics packaging and the impact of the link is also very huge, because after the discussion of the flawless products in Hong Kong show, the boss and the factory inside Conduct a supervision and inspection to avoid such low-level mistakes.

custom cosmetic paper bag

The reason why the customization of the production process in the paper bag inside the ink if the drying process is not done enough, then it will lead to such a situation, why say so, the teacher explained: "Because if the ink is not completely dry, then to the film , Inside the ink due to external temperature and so on will gradually dry environment, but the process of unstable ink molecules will be liberated, but the film itself does not have the space he released, then how to do it, the film itself flexible And toughness, so it will squeeze out a bubble, "the original is the case, I believe there are many small partners will say that dry completely not okay, the answer is no, the old master said:" If the ink is too dry too fast The sudden appearance of superficial crystals can also lead to the inability to bond between the custom-made film and the ink in the cosmetic bag, creating a void, which is what happens. "

This is a technical solution. Of course, there are still some of the things we all know, but we often forget to ignore it. In the custom-made workshop of cosmetic paper bags, the dusting effect must be supervised, the dust should not fly everywhere, Membrane knows that you need to clear all the dust on the surface, because a small dust will lead to a local area of the bulge, so the truth is the same, the workshop can not have this happen, otherwise there will be a bubble phenomenon , But it should also be acceptable if the cosmetic bag is customizable.



According to the above 2 points, one is a technical point of knowledge and the other is easy to understand in everyday life but often forgotten knowledge, if you can flexibly use in the customization of cosmetic paper bag, the film blisters or shedding Phenomenon can be effectively avoided, of course, do not forget to combine the previously mentioned design and the thickness of the range of friends ~ If you want to know more industry knowledge or cooperation with the Junye paper bag factory, you can call: +8613826291162, and Junye packaging factory email: can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.

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