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What are the basic types of paper boxes packaging?

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Before you customize the paper box packaging, you need to know which box types are available. In general, the box type is divided into the following twelve types:


1.Ordinary box (double cover box, aircraft box): It is characterized by inserting ears up and down, the same as the top and bottom, mostly facing open, but also open the same side, convenient packaging. It is widely used for lighter weight goods.

Ordinary box


2. Insert the bottom box (bottom box in Japan): the bottom of the four cassettes, the use of interactive cross-fork structure, increase load capacity, easy disassembly, is the most economical paper, save the paper box type.

Insert the bottom box

3.Paste bottom paper box: the best load capacity, easy disassembly, the cost is slightly higher, suitable for heavier products such as cans, glass bottles.


4. Plug-in box: Ordinary box or plug-in box plus one or more plug-in tongues can prevent the carton opening from being closed for a long time.

Plug-in box

5.Portable packaging box: the use of structural design so that the box itself can be hand-carried, or add cotton rope, no need to use handbags. Box-type structures can also be stacked for shipping.


Portable packaging box

6.Hanging box: It is designed by inserting the bottom box with the hanging hole so that the goods can be displayed on the hook.


Hanging box

7. Open window paper box packaging:dig holes in the paper box to open the window, or add transparent cellophane to facilitate the perspective of the goods. There are two types of cellophane, PVC economical materials and PET environmental protection materials, and different thicknesses and options.

Integral molding box, after the box is spread, it is a full sheet of paper. It can be integrally formed by using structural design. It does not need to be glued box, which can save processing cost.

Open window paper box packaging


8. Base and lid paper box, sub-box cover and bottom box, the two are separated, the cost of the paper is slightly higher, but the texture is good, and the double-layer thickness can also be made to increase the sturdiness. It is suitable for gift boxes such as clothing, jewelry or food gift boxes. , can enhance product image.

Base and lid paper box

9.Drawer box, divided into two parts of the inner box and sleeve, with the extraction method to open and close, more paper, the price is slightly higher, and the world box with a better texture of the packaging.

Drawer box


10.Portable Box (Fruit Gift Box) At the bottom of the box is a plug-in bottom box, which increases the load capacity. The upper hand-held design, convenient disassembly and assembly, and corrugated corrugated paper are the most commonly used box types for gift boxes.

Fruit Gift Box

11. the outer box, more corrugated paper, sealed with tape, good load capacity, disassembly is less convenient, suitable for heavier goods.


12.Special structural paper packaging box: Designing packaging structures for special needs creates market segments that leave consumers with a deep impression.

Your needs

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