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paper packaging box design: the correspondence between color and packaging

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The design of the paper packaging box needs to pay attention to the mutual relationship between the color and the package, which is the key to the use of color.


The anaphoric relationship between color and paper packaging box is mainly through the external packaging box color can reveal or reflect the inner packaging items. It allows people to basically perceive or think of what the inner package is.

paper packaging box design


When we come to a store to collect goods, it is not difficult to find that many products do not reflect this relationship. So that consumers can not think of what to pack things from the table and inside. Of course, there is no positive sales promotion for the sales of products. The color of normal external paper packaging boxes should grasp this characteristic to varying degrees;


(1)From the industry's advancement, the normal color of food packaging box is expressed in its main colors of yellow and pink to give people warm and close feelings. Of course, many teas are green, beverages are green and blue, liquors and pastries are made of big red, children's foods are made of rose, and daily cosmetics are normally used. The main colors are mostly rose, pink, light green, light blue, dark brown, to highlight the warm and elegant feeling, clothing and shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, to highlight the calm Heavy and elegant beauty.


(2) In terms of performance characteristics, cakes, cakes, and biscuits use golden and light yellow to give impressions of scent, and teas, beer and other beverages use red or green, symbolizing the richness and aroma of tea. Tomato juice, apple juice and more red, focused on the natural attributes of the item. Although some paper packaging boxes don't look like the above, they use colors with similar product attributes, but if you look closely at the design of the package, it's in the gift packaging box of its own packaging. There must be a symbolic color block, color point, color line, or focused content highlighted in that color. This should be everyone's proud job. Some clothing packaging and some cosmetic packaging box, and even some wine packaging box can find a lot of such examples.

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