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Paper Box design - details determine success or failure

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The value of a paper packaging box design is not only the beauty of its appearance, but also the details of the design of the box. The exquisite appearance can attract people's attention, but more careful design will make the packaging box more attractive. People often say that "details determine success or failure", and the packaging design is the same. The design principle of the box is as follows. 


1. Trademark design

Trademark design composition is a complete picture of the trademarks, graphics, text and combinations of the packaging display surface of a product. The combination of these four aspects constitutes the overall effect of paper packaging and decorating. Commodity design composition elements Trademarks, graphics, text, and colors are used correctly, appropriately, and aesthetically, and they can be called excellent design works. 

Trademark design


2. Graphic Design 

The graphics of paper packaging and decoration mainly refer to the image of the product and other auxiliary decorative images. As the language of design, the graphic is to express the internal and external elements of the image and convey the information to consumers in the form of visual images. To achieve this goal, accurate positioning of the graphic design is critical. The process of positioning is the process of familiarizing with the entire content of the product, including the nature of the product, the trademark, the meaning of the product name, and the current status of similar products. All of these factors must be familiarized with and studied.

 paper box graphic design


3. color design 

Color design plays an important role in paper packaging box design. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of packaging colors is closely related to the concept and composition of the entire screen design. The packaging color requires planarization and leveling, which is a high degree of summary of color filtering and refining. It is based on people's association and the habit of color, and a high degree of exaggeration and discoloration is a means of packaging art. At the same time, the color of the package must also be limited by the processes, materials, uses, and sales regions.

color design

The color requirements in packaging and decorating design are eye-catching, contrasting, and have strong appeal and competitiveness to arouse consumers' desire to purchase and promote sales. For example, foodstuffs and rich, rich colors, mainly in warm colors, highlighting the freshness, nutrition and taste of foods; medicines and pure cold and warm colors; soft and often used midtones in cosmetics box; hardware and mechanical tools commonly used in blue and black and Other clumsy color blocks represent solid, precise and durable features; children's toys are commonly used in bright colors, bright colors and strong contrasts of various colors, in order to meet the children's psychology and hobbies; sporting goods and more use of bright loud colors Blocks, to increase the feeling of active, sports ... ... different products have different characteristics and attributes. 

Designers should study the habits and preferences of consumers and the changing trends of international and domestic fashion colors in order to continuously enhance the sociology of color and consumer psychology. The

4. Text design

Words are symbols that convey ideas, exchange feelings and information, and express a certain topic. The brand, product name, description text, ad text, and manufacturer, company, or distribution unit on the product package reflect the essence of the package. design

Text design

Packaging must be considered as part of the package's overall design. The main points of the text design in the packaging and decoration design are: the content of the text is concise, real, vivid, easy to read and easy to remember; the font design should reflect the characteristics, nature, uniqueness of the goods, and have good recognition and aesthetic functions; The overall design style of the arrangement and packaging should be harmonious.

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