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How to design a children's clothing packaging box to double your sales

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As a friend of the children's clothing industry, a large number of children's clothing packaging boxes are ordered each year to show the value of the brand, the brand's culture, and the characteristics of the products. However, the problem arises. What kind of material should be selected for children's clothing packaging? Which of them should be grasped in terms of style? This is the first problem that a friend in a custom-made children's clothing box needs to solve.


Today We has revealed how to customize a children's clothing box that is loved by children and parents.


Children's clothing box material selection: This is generally based on brand positioning to select materials, if it is a medium-brand children's clothing, then you can use cardboard, or pit paper production; if it is high-end children's clothing brand is recommended to use the art with a special texture Paper, which is generally filled with grey paper.


children's clothing box


Children's clothing packaging color design: gray, black these relatively neutral colors are not suitable for children's clothing packaging box color. To attract enough attention to them to use rich colors, such as red, blue or yellow, to highlight the children's lively characteristics.

Children's clothing packaging pattern design: too simple may enter the eyes of adults, but can not enter the eyes of children. At this time, don't try to design a cartoon character that a child likes, such as bald-headed, plane-man, page, etc.

Overall box type design of children's clothing packaging box: It can be used in the form of heaven and earth cover, but also can be used to pull the drawer box form. In addition, the top cover of the world cover or the drawer box of the jacket is recommended to add a perspective PVC skylight. The purpose of this is to allow customers to see the product at a glance, but also to highlight the quality of the product, causing the children's interest.

Customized children's clothing packaging box for more details, welcome to consult Chunye packaging printing manufacturers. We will always try our best to answer questions about custom packaging boxes, paper bag printing, and tag design.

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