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How to control garment packaging box " blank design "ratio?

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“ blank design” is a style, a means of embodying high-end quality, a way of interacting with consumers, and a function that can create an infinite association space by creating a certain artistic conception and combining actual situation with reality. However, if custom garment  packaging box needs to design how much "white space", how to control this ratio?

 packaging "" blank design ""

It is not difficult to find a large part of the underwear and garment enterprises in the market. Whether it is a big brand or a small brand, when designing the packaging box of underwear, they all use a large area of ​​blank space. The light left behind is a visible LOGO. Can this design really allow the customer to have unlimited associations and can it really achieve the purpose of blending the scenes?


Not! Like Uniqlo, this well-known apparel company uses a LOGO to increase the area of ​​"white space" to achieve a certain degree of improvement in sales. Because UNIQLO is an internationally known brand, we all know that the concept behind its brand is to provide clothing that anyone can wear at any time, anywhere, at a reasonable and reliable price, through a unified service worldwide. The connotation is to adopt a supermarket-type self-service shopping method by providing a store-type store that is not decorated with unnecessary decorations, and to provide customers with desired products at a reasonable and reliable price. So seeing the brand LOGO is enough to make the consumer have infinite association and interaction.


However, the same “garbage” design for underwear garments applied to an unknown small brand may not necessarily generate consumer-business interaction. Because of the small brands, consumers are still not familiar with it. If relying solely on a LOGO, it is not enough to convey enough brand information and consumers are not allowed to understand the deeper connotation behind it. Therefore, a large area of ​​underwear packaging “leaves white” design. It will look empty and monotonous. For this small brand, the proposal is to add some elements of your own, so that consumers know enough about you.


Underwear packaging box is a brand name card, how to pull yourself through this business card is very important, in the Junye packaging and printing factory can create the best sales of the most "business cards."

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