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Why does the customized underwear box choose the hard board box?

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Common underwear packaging materials have paper and plastic. In order to strengthen the publicity effect, some underwear companies taking the brand line have turned to paper in terms of ordering packaging. However, custom paper packaging box also has a distinction between hard boxes and soft boxes. After measuring the pros and cons of both, hard-packed boxes have become the popular custom-made underwear boxes.

 underwear box customized

The custom cardboard box package is a "win-win" tool that can meet the needs of enterprises to protect the product's powerful functions, limit the increase of the value of the product and enhance the quality of the product, and also satisfy consumers' need to reflect high-end tastes and enhance the demand for face. Hard board high-grade packaging materials in the material properties determine its ability to meet these two needs.


Hard underwear box, thick, pressure, can protect the product from the impact of external forces, to protect the product intact. Underwear is the personal belongings of people. Although it does not have to be worn for others to see, if the newly purchased clothes are crumpled, it will inevitably make people feel uncomfortable. Women's underwear, especially bras, if crushed, will affect the lifespan. In this sense, thick underwear boxes are very important.


Hard underwear box, more upscale quality. Our country is standing up from a standstill, getting rich and getting stronger, and the people’s ever-increasing material and cultural needs are getting higher and higher. If it is still lagging behind the low-quality packaging produced by backward productive forces, then this company is sure to be a big trend in society. It was eliminated and replaced by hard board packaging printing manufacturers with strong competitiveness.


Hard board material quality underwear cartons are even more valuable. The hard-board packaging box has strong printability. The packaging and printing factory can make various patterns and texts on the above to highlight the brand value and highlight the main information.


Hard board underwear box meets the trend of green development. The cost of sacrificing the environment in exchange for development is short-term, and the adoption of a green development path that benefits people's health is timeless. Hard board cartons are made from natural materials, and their waste disposal methods do not have much impact on the environment. Therefore, packaging manufacturers will tend to use this material to meet the needs of companies promoting the brand.


A perfect underwear box is inseparable from professional technology. The underwear hard box produced by Junye Packaging Factory is strong, clean, neat, beautiful, exquisite, stylish, and makes people look comfortable and comfortable. Do you need us to serve you? Feel free to visit the sample room.

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