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how much do you know there are custom shoe boxes' category ?

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I believe that you know the custom shoe boxes.There are large and small,long shape,round shaped shoe boxes etc in life.But have you ever summarized the categories of these shoe boxes? Which shoe box is particularly attractive to your eyes, so that you want to buy it when you see it. The shoe box with unique appearance and novel design is the carrier to increase the sales of footwear products. Let's take a look at the specific classification of the shoe boxes.It was ready to make your unique product box.


According to the object and function of the shoes, the custom shoe box is divided into: women's shoe box, men's shoe box, children's shoe box, sports shoe box, luxury shoe box and so on.If you design these categories of shoe boxes, the graphics and crafts of the package should be designed by combining the characteristics of the product and the consumer. For example, women's shoe boxes can be pink, highlighting the feminine sense of women. The men's shoe box could be black and white to highlight the rigid beauty of men.

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According to the structure of the production box, the customized shoe box is divided into corrugated cardboard paste and thick cardboard paste and single cardboard stamper. Footwear merchants can choose different categories based on their budget. In general, corrugated cardboard boxes is the cheapest.


Depending on the material, shoe boxes can be divided into: black cardboard, silver paper, art paper, coated paper, flocked paper, white cowhide, and paper. Different materials emerge differently. Merchants can combine the effects and budget choices they want.


According to the different shape of the custom packaging box, the shoe box is divided into a finished folding packaging box, a heaven and earth cover packaging box, a clamshell packaging box, a drawer type packaging box, a cylindrical shoe box and the like. Different styles of packaging highlight the ease of use and personalization of the package.

According to different surface processing techniques, shoe boxes are divided into: color offset printing, screen flexible printing, water-based printing, full-page printing, etc., as well as laminating, bronzing, embossing, punching, and the like.


With so many classifications, in general, good packaging products are satisfied with: 1. Protecting goods and extending the life of goods. 2. Can be used by consumers. 3. With unique personality and attractiveness, it can increase the sales of products invisibly. 4. Comply with the laws of the country of sale. 5. The cost is economically reasonable. 6. Reduce or not cause environmental pollution.


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