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What to do with the cardboard paper box to satisfy the guests

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What kind of cardboard paper box can meet the needs of customers?It is the a problem that manufacturers must to consider. The Chinese consider the low price and high cost performance, which is the low cost and high value that is usually mentioned. It is a good manufacturer to consider the problem from the perspective of the guests in various aspects. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the purpose of aesthetics, the cardboard paper box of the goods will generally have good printing.

cardboard paper box

About the printing problem of the cardboard paper box, Junye Packaging manufacturer considers from several aspects:


1. Printing hardware problem: Generally speaking, the printing paper is more difficult to print than the paper, so the traditional printing technology may make the printed pattern fade easily, and the printing may be unclear. Then in order to achieve better printing results, we need to actively look for another printing technology, in order to make the printed pattern clearer, so that the printed pattern can be stored on the paper box for a long time.


2, Eye-catching point of the custom paper box: The packaging itself is a certain role of promotion and publicity, so let our box has a clear purpose. In order to highlight the content we want to show, we must have a purposeful and organized choice of content. For example, the choice of paper selects the degree of eye-catching print logo and the characteristics and content of the product, and if it is used to hold items, then it should be as artistic as possible.


3,Cost issue. According to the purpose that the merchant wants to achieve,and  combined with the essence of the product, the packaging is recommended according to the grade of the product. For the manufacturer of the box customization, it is sure to reduce costs and increase profits, and make the highest cost performance. Helping businesses save money is to help themselves make money, and can not blindly ask for high, comprehensive consideration of cost and income issues.

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