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2018 Christmas limited edition makeup packaging

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After reading this Christmas series makeup packaging, you must be able to hold out the wallet.

2018 Christmas limited edition makeup packaging

More than 100 days from Christmas, the beauty brands are all unable to hold back, and they have launched their own Christmas limited edition series. Every year, the beauty brands spend their time on the makeup packaging, so that everyone can be unconditionally attracted by the Christmas limited series. There are also a lot of things to watch this year, such as Shu Uemura’s chocolate-flavored make-up, CPB’s romantic fairy-tale custom packaging box, and various Christmas calendars. Let’s take a look.

1. Chocolate-flavored Christmas makeup


This year, Shu Uemura collaborated with the chocolate brand La Maison du Chocola to create a chocolate-colored Christmas make-up that is very interesting.


The whole series has lipstick, eye shadow, lip liner, cleansing oil, honey powder, blush, brush set, eyelash curler, cosmetic case, and makeup packaging are all uniform chocolate color.



2. Take the exquisite route of Laduree, the annual Christmas series is amazing. The theme of this time is gala party dinner, which is designed to be seen and can't be used to buy home.


Blush is the hottest beauty product of his family, and this time it has a new makeup packaging. The royal blue shell is matched with the red petal-shaped three-dimensional blush, and it is beautiful to get into the bag.


The make-up set is designed as a small evening bag with blush, eye shadow and lipstick.


This year also launched a pink lip balm and body care set, the lip balm shell is a bit like a solid balm, in your hand to make you instantly become a delicate pig girl.


3. Too Faced is an American brand that was acquired by Estée Lauder last year for $1.45 billion.


As can be seen from the packaging, this brand takes the girl route. This Christmas series is no exception. With the theme of peaches, a variety of make-ups have been designed. Of course, in order to cater to the festive atmosphere of Christmas, Too Faced also designed eye shadow trays for Christmas trees and gingerbread people.


4. The biggest highlight of the Chanel Christmas series is the eye shadow disc with the lion's head. Because Ms. Coco Chanel is Leo, she chose the lion element.


5. Dior Christmas limited edition packaging is very textured, pulling the zipper is like a clutch, very expensive. Looking at this package, I can't help but want to put it in the bag.

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