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The additional value of packaging box?

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The additional value of packaging is the value of the various cultural elements that reflect the consumer's spiritual pursuit by using the commodity as the carrier, the external form of the commodity as the medium of communication, and the market to be transferred to the consumer.

The additional value of packaging box

The main elements of packaging added value

1 Perceptual. Feeling and perception are collectively called perception. It is the reflection of the individual attributes of the object produced in the human brain when the object object directly acts on the person's senses. Obviously, the consumer's judgment on the value of the commodity begins with the feeling of the shape, color, sound and taste of the product. Although there are many kinds of human feelings, the most important and independent meaning of the perception of goods is vision. People rely on their eyes to get about 87% of outside information. Therefore, the external form of goods, especially the form of packaging, has become the first impression consumers have on goods. Shantou Madonna Packaging


2 symbolic. Society is made up of individuals of different class status, social groups and professions. Everyone in this society is a "social person. Therefore, certain psychological needs and self-images of consumers are inextricably linked to specific commodities. Many consumers are pursuing the perfect appearance of goods. The purchase motive of “name-seeking” consumers is mainly aimed at pursuing the luxury and symbolic meaning of commodities. It is believed that the enjoyment of beautiful goods is to enjoy contemporary material civilization and spiritual civilization, and thus pursue the “psychological image” of goods and use beautiful goods. To "package" yourself. The symbolic meaning of goods is multi-faceted, such as the symbolic meaning of color, the sense of directness of the shape, the meaning of packaging patterns, the credibility of brand-name trademarks, the wealth of high-end goods, and the attributes of goods. The adaptability of human social status can be a cloak for people to express themselves.


3 appreciation. It refers to the unity of the beauty of the appearance of goods and the psychology of consumers seeking beauty, that is, the objective beauty of goods caters to the cultural psychology of consumers. In the 1980s, the term “sensible consumption” and “rational consumption” appeared in the West. "Emotional consumption" mainly focuses on the aesthetic characteristics of goods such as appearance or appreciative and decorative. The characteristic of perceptual consumption is "love at a glance". The characteristic of "rational consumption" is "love after thinking". No matter which consumer requires the unification of the external beauty and inner beauty of the goods, this indicates that packaging beauty has become an important feature of the commodity market. Through the creation of its external form, the commodity can evoke the aesthetic feelings of consumers and satisfy the consumers' needs for beauty. The aesthetic function of the commodity mainly comes from the visual representation of the specific form and image of the product, such as proportional balance, moderate contrast, fast rhythm, harmonious color, novel design and brand name.


 4 epidemic. The word “popular”, which is interpreted as “rapidly spreading or prevailing for a while”, has no color. However, once it is associated with goods, the situation is different. In the field of life, new, beautiful, Avant-garde things are more popular, and they are the inevitable law of the development of things. The significance of popularity lies in: novelty, unconventional: grasping people's psychological hobbies, adapting to the trend: to have personality, to create a sense of superiority. Those goods with higher added value always attract consumers with a strong sense of the times.


5 enjoyment. This is a sense of utilitarianism or satisfaction that consumers generally pursue. Contemporary consumers have a broader view of the quality of goods. Ruggedness is not the main criterion. They pay more attention to the functional design and humanized design of goods. For example, pay attention to "light, thin, fine, fine, clever, and odd art content products, and to pursue electronically-oriented technical content products, to meet the needs of people's nutrition, health care, beauty, comfort, convenience, etc. The emotional content-type products designed to return to the basics, the return of humanity, the self-transcendence, and the dedication of love are popular among consumers, reflecting people's pursuit of spiritual enjoyment.

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