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What is a corrugated box packaging?

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Packaging plays an important role in the sales of products in the modern industry. In the outer packaging gift box manufacturing industry, there are also many materials used. Of course, these materials also have their own advantages. In normal times, one of our most common packaging methods is carton packaging, which is cheap and easy to manufacture, so it is widely used. What we are going to introduce to you today is the corrugated box packaging. Do you know what it is?

What is a corrugated box?

       The interior packaging used in many high-end gift boxes is the style of corrugated boxes, but with the diversity of packaging styles, I believe that everyone is not aware of these packaging gift boxes. Next, we will introduce you to the basic information of the gift box, hoping to help everyone understand.

First, what is the corrugated box

1, basic information

Corrugated boxes, which we usually refer to as corrugated boxes, cartons, etc., are often referred to as cartons for convenience. The gift box is made of corrugated paper, and the corrugated paper is formed into a certain hollow structure by special preparation or folding. As early as 1897, a man named Robert Gale made his own research and used crumpled corrugated paper to make a carton that could be folded. This is also a major advancement in the material of the gift box packaging.

2, the role

Like the general packaging box, the gift box made of corrugated paper is mainly used to package the product. However, it also has its own characteristics, that is, its hollow structure. A typical carton is one layer or multiple layers, but does not use pleated paper to create space. We need to know that the hollow structure of the corrugated box can make the products in the carton get a certain cushion after being subjected to a certain impact. This elastic carton can minimize the damage of the product to the outside. In addition, many high-end gift boxes are relatively small, not suitable for the packaging of large products, but it can provide customers with different sizes of cartons to meet the special needs of customers.

The above is our brief introduction to the high-end gift box, mentioning our introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the role of the corrugated box.

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