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Paper bag manufacturing machine

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Generally speaking, when we manufacture paper bag, we usually use the following several Paper bag manufacturing machine.


paper bag manufacturing machine

Single-sheet portable paper bag machine

This machine brings together the cutting-edge technology of domestic and foreign portable paper bag machines. On the basis of automatic paper-absorbing, automatic gluing, automatic paste bottom and automatic output products, it has overcome the technical problems and overcomes the automatic reinforcement of the bottom and finished products. The two major technical difficulties of indentation. Can be produced directly from printed sheet, multi-ply or web. The machine has the characteristics of stable production, low noise, high yield, fast production speed, easy operation, easy control, automatic alarm, etc. It is an ideal equipment for producing handbags and shopping bags wholesale.


Reel type square corner paper bag machine


The four-side bottom paper bag machine is a process of producing a food bag, a tote bag, a small food bag and vacuuming the original color or printed web paper at one time, such as barrel making, gluing, forming, indentation, paste bottom, and output. The ideal equipment for the bag.


High-end portable paper bag forming machine


Paper bag forming machine automatically feeds paper, glues, pastes, folds the organ position, once molding; uses hot melt adhesive, various OPP, varnish, linoleum, light glue, etc., fast drying time, strong viscosity, no glue , leaking glue, will not drag paper bags.


Paper machine

The GY-1150 laminating machine accurately combines the color printing paper with the bottom paper (jam, corrugated). After the kneading, the paper is flat, crisp and high precision. The convenient operation of this machine is an ideal equipment for manufacturing high-end color printing packaging industry.

Configuration: Germany Schneider switch, South Korea YSC solenoid valve, Taiwan Bend Mingwei liquid level relay...


High-grade flat pressure creasing and cutting machine


The machine has a single press cutting, continuous press cutting and opening delay function, the delay range can be adjusted arbitrarily; the operating height is designed reasonably, the pressure frame opening angle is large; the centralized lubrication system is good, and the cutting and cutting various common plates and corrugated Special equipment for cardboard, plastic sheet and leather products; it has the advantages of compact structure, excellent manufacture, high pressure cutting force, high precision, convenient use, safe and reliable operation.

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Tel: +86 20 66677799

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