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The use of illustrations in the design paper box

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In order to highlight the information of the products when selling the products, the merchants usually express them on the packaging box with the design of patterns, characters and colors. Graphics are more convincing than words, so custom paper boxes with illustrations has become a trend.

The use of illustrations in the design of the box

The culture of hand-painted illustrations has been increasingly explored and utilized with the development of society, and has become a spiritual materialized product. It has cultural value including historical value and aesthetic value.


Packaging box design is generally composed of visual elements such as logo text and graphics.And hand-drawn illustrations play an important role in product packaging . They communicate with consumers and consumers as a “visual personalized symbol”.The exquisite and unique features of the hand-painted illustrations are that they have a heavier “human scent.” The hand-crafted paintings and objects have been more valuable since ancient times. They are as precious as ancient handicrafts, different from mechanized, mass-produced or hand-painted plates. The illustrations drawn by digital software will make people feel the simplicity, warmth and intimacy, and can smell the wonderful sparks that collide with paper and pen from the work itself. It has a strong book fragrance.


In the fierce competition in the commodity market, if a company and its products want to win, it needs packaging to transmit information to consumers. In the same kind of goods, it gives consumers a unique impression. Therefore, we should think about the social utility of design. Focus on the culture of design. In this regard, we need to discover our own culture, study our own culture, develop the value of our own culture, and creatively integrate it into modern packaging design, enrich the product culture and enhance the value of the product. It can make customers get a sense of pleasure and happiness in the purchase and use of goods, by applying strong infective and visual impact illustrations to modern packaging design.

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Tel: +86 20 66677799

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