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How to find high quality paper packaging box manufacturers

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As we all know, the Zhu Jiang Delta is a comprehensive economic center in the country, headed by Guangzhou. In recent years, due to the continuous expansion of packaging demand, many packaging printing manufacturing have strong grown. However, how to find high-quality paper packaging box manufacturers in so many packaging factories has become an urgent problem for many brands. Today, Junye Packaging gives the brand a few tricks.


How to find high quality clothing packaging box manufacturers

1. See the qualification period

As the saying goes, ginger is still old and spicy. The older the old packaging box manufacturers, the more raw materials manufacturers have on hand, compared to emerging manufacturers, have a great advantage in price. The reason why the long-established paper packaging manufacturers can stand still is to have a complete production program, management system and advanced manufacturing equipment. Nowadays, many new factories have sprung up at the same time,the others have changed and closed down due to various problems every year. The ones that can survive are bound to have their own advantages. Therefore, finding a long-term  packaging box manufacturer is not far from finding a high-quality  packaging box manufacturer. 

2. Is it environmentally friendly?
Paper is produced from wood. The packaging box for products comes from wood. At the same time, printing patterns require ink. Environmentally-friendly inks are very polluting to the environment. At the same time, I also want to mention the Junye packaging, which is one of the few manufacturers with FSC forest certification. The FSC forest certification side also proves that Junye has been adhering to the concept of environmental protection in the process of manufacturing and manufacturing paper packaging boxes, using environmentally friendly paper and environmentally friendly inks to take the road of sustainable development.
Of course, the factors that determine the quality of the paper  packaging manufacturers are far more than the above two points.These two are only the key reference standards. If you need custom clothing box,custom gift boxes, please contact junye packaging, 17 years of paper boxes customization experience, will certainly give you an unforgettable custom journey.

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Tel: +86 20 66677799


Add: 3FC1-2 jianfa plaza,NO.111 jichang road, baiyun district,guangzhou,guangdong,China

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