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How to ensure the hardness of corrugated board in the process of gift box customization?

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In the industry, corrugated paper is often used in the design of packaging boxes custom, and how to choose the hardness of corrugated paper? Today,Junye Packaging manufacturer will come to talk to you.


This problem is really troublesome and difficult to solve, because the fiber used in the carton base paper is a hydrophilic substance, which is naturally absorbent. In the wet weather such as the rainy season, when the relative humidity in the air is too high, the carton is in direct contact with the air, which will absorb the moisture in the air, resulting in the corrugated box produced, and the whole piece of cardboard is also soft. In the face of evasive complaint calls, and even returns, fines, compensation, etc., solving the softening of cardboard has become a top priority for carton factories.


How to ensure the hardness of corrugated board in the process of gift box customization?


Below, Junye Packaging factory provides you with a solution to solve the problem of carton softening.


1. Moisture resistance of paper and cardboard


The base paper and corrugated paper, especially the paper paper, have strong water absorption; the paper is exposed to the humid air for a long time, the water price increases, and the transverse compressive strength of the paper is obviously decreased. When the relative humidity is 85%, the ring pressure strength It will actually drop by 60%.


Solution: It is recommended to use a base paper with better waterproof and moisture-proof effect, especially the creped paper. To test the waterproof effect of the base paper, the surface water absorption of the base paper can be tested by the Boeing Instrument. When the surface water absorption is below 50 g/m2 (60 S), the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better. If you can't test the instrument, sprinkle a few drops of water directly on the cardboard or corrugated paper. Wait 60 seconds and then blot dry with paper to observe whether the paper surface has discoloration after penetration. If not, it proves that the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better.


Generally, in order to improve the surface water repellency of the base paper, the paper mill needs to increase the proportion of the water repellency aid in the surface sizing starch paste in the papermaking process. Since the auxiliary is expensive, the base paper having good water repellency is lower than the cost per ton of the base paper having poor water repellency. To be higher than 50-100 yuan, the weight is higher and the higher the cost. Therefore, the carton factory needs to actively communicate with the carton customers and appropriately raise the quotation.


2, corrugated board production process


The main means to solve the problem of softening the carton is to choose the material, and then look at the production process. The reason for the softening of the carton is that it absorbs excess water. Therefore, the water in the carton should be removed as much as possible during the carton manufacturing process.


Solution: The original paper warehouse should be isolated from the outside as much as possible, absolutely avoiding the damp air roaming inside the warehouse. When appropriate, install a dehumidifier in the warehouse to ensure that the relative temperature is below 65%.


When the base paper is in the warehouse, it will absorb the moisture in the humid air. When the machine is on the machine, the preheating wrap angle of the base paper on the drying cylinder should be increased. If the effect is still not good, the speed can be slowed down and the steam pressure can be increased.


Increase the amount of powder when making paste, reduce the amount of glue, and reduce the moisture of the carton. In addition, increasing the proportion of borax will also improve the feel of corrugated board.


Reduce the amount of cardboard piled up on the paper flyover and slow down the speed, especially after stacking the corrugated cardboard.


3, storage environment


The cardboard after the line should be taken out of the steam that has not been dissipated, to avoid the condensation of water temperature, and the environment of the storage cardboard or carton should be kept ventilated and ventilated. The cardboard carton cannot be placed directly on the ground, and the plate (pallet, splint) is used to take up . Pay attention to the gap between each other during storage to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.


Solution: It is recommended to use wooden pad to absorb the moisture on the ground, which is suitable for cardboard carton; keep the storage environment ventilated and ventilated, and use the wrapping film for external protection, which can effectively reduce and isolate the weather and affect the softening phenomenon.


Many manufacturers have started to use dehumidifiers. If the relative temperature of the warehouse is below 65%, the hardness of the board will be significantly improved.


4. Transportation environment


During the delivery of the product, some use vans for transportation, and some use vans. Usually the latter is more able to protect the drying of the cardboard board than the former, avoiding and reducing the softening.


Solution: It is recommended to use van trucks, which is also the trucks commonly used by major suppliers.


5, carton processing technology


Corrugated cardboard should enter the next process as soon as possible after the cardboard line is taken offline. The longer the cycle, the softer the cardboard will absorb the moisture in the air.


In addition, when printing, especially multi-color printing or bulk solid printing, the carton is easily softened due to plate pressure.


Solution: Minimize the residence time of the carton during production and processing, and avoid exposing it to humid air for too long and soft. The workshop should also be moderately isolated from the outside to prevent water vapor from blowing directly into the workshop.


Try to ensure the hardness of the corrugated board before printing, and avoid excessive pressure on the printing. The die-cutting process tries to avoid the use of a circular die-cutting process that is very harmful to the flat pressure of the cardboard.


In short, the problem of the softening of the carton is still a matter of water. We can do it hard if we want to do everything we can to prevent the carton from absorbing water during raw paper storage, corrugated board processing, carton processing, storage and transportation.

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