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How to make cosmetic packaging attract customers?

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We know that packaging is the key to attracting customers, so in the beauty industry, major brands are committed to the design of cosmetic packaging.

How to make cosmetic packaging attract customers?

  The 17-year-old Junye packaging manufacturer feels that the box is more than just a functional container, it is also a marketing tool. When the custom paper box is visually aesthetically pleasing, it helps create added value for the consumer, which has a good track record in improving the brand's performance in the retail industry, when a carton is placed on the store's shelves. Its job is the "brand ambassador", which must successfully communicate the purpose of inviting consumers to interact by communicating the positioning of a brand.


  Never underestimate the importance of the custom packaging box. When consumers have not touched your product, the first thing you see first is the box of the product, so you must ensure that every part of the package is not to be ignored.


1. Combine color and texture to attract consumers


Designed to attract the attention of consumers, the box is not only suitable for gift sets and limited-edition products, but also for the sale of ordinary goods. The color is matched with various texture effects to make the packaging design more creative.


2. Choose the most suitable material


How do you want to customize what cosmetic packaging box. Take the time to feel the different materials, find the one that works best for you, and use it as a basis for your packaging decisions.


3. Focus on structural design


In addition to decoration, attention to structural design is also a way to distinguish cosmetic packaging, designing a different type of opening mechanism for the packaging, such as drawer type, or can also add a variety of floating elements, lighting, 3D functions, rather than static The world is covered by a box or a folding box.


4. The functionality of the box


A beautiful box might be a brand-selling salesperson and help consumers create an unforgettable out-of-the-box experience, but if he can't protect the product, it will become less important.




Of course, beauty products can also look for design inspiration from the outside of the beauty industry. When we find some interesting designs, we can also apply these elements to our cosmetic packaging.

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