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How to design a striking stationery box

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For stationery brands, stationery boxes can impress customers and impress them. An elegant and mysterious package can create a good image for the brand while creating high sales.

How to design a striking stationery box

If you don't know where to start designing, the following design tips may help you.


Highlight your brand


Brands are important in marketing, and think about other ways to creatively highlight your brand. Printing a brand logo on the custom packaging boxes not only improves the aesthetics of the package, but also emphasizes your brand. Displaying brand color as a visual design element on the packaging can also effectively emphasize the brand image.


Keep it simple




Even if you really want to emphasize your brand, you need to make your packaging look simple. Sticking to one or two accent colors and a good layout can make the package look visually striking.




If you really want to make your product stand out, you can use some special techniques such as UV, printing, hot stamping, slashing, etc. on the stationery box.




To have a classic look, try a design that primarily features typography. It highlights the perfect combination of fonts, from bold, shaded sans serif to retro-style, transforming the necessary information into appealing design features.


Use meaningful images:


This design creatively takes advantage of positive and negative spaces, including some images about brands, target audiences or products.


Don't ignore the back:


The back of the stationery box is a place that many businesses can easily ignore. On the back of the stationery box, the ingredients, functions and usage information of the products and corporate information will be printed. This is often the most concerned place for consumers. Therefore, the details of the back of the box must be noted.


Using these elements as a design inspiration, you can more professionally design a stationery box for your brand to make your product more eye-catching.

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